Welcome to Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Home of the happiest horses in Prescott, Arizona

Two horses are better than One!

At Hallelujah Horse Ranch

We offer our clients:

80' X 120' indoor Arena

Cavelletti Courses to strengthen backs

Giant paddocks to live in & for galloping

Three sided shelters for shade & protection

Outdoor arenas for training

92' round pen for "At Liberty"

Intriguing Equine Seminars

Always a Trainer ready to help
Training for Horse and Rider

The highest form of Horsemanship - Classical for you and your horse

Our Lesson Programs

Something for everyone:

from Tiny Tots and Moms to the Senior "No Stress Express" Group Lessons

Little Equestrians

Our little clients love to be with their tiny partners. We love to teach them to be great together with Private Lessons.

Parents learn as their children learn. Not only is it fun it gives you more for you both to relate to with each lesson.

Use your horse or ours!

School-Aged Equestrians

What could be better than a child or teen having a horse partner? With Private Lessons the outcome will be stellar as you watch the wonder of true connection.

This is a wonderful place for children to care for and learn with their horse or ours. We also have lessons for all ages with their own horse or a school horse.

Adult Equestrians

Oh, the heights you will reach when you and your equine partner are having fun!

With Private Lessons fun happens way more often because of understanding. Understanding comes from learning. Inside every horseman is a better one.

Use your horse for lessons or ours!

We Offer Classical Horsemanship Lessons

For information about Lessons:


or call (928)374-1234

Our Photo Gallery

Horses, Horses, Horses, can you ever have too many of these wonderous creatures?

Customer Testimonials


Juanita M.

"Big Sister," of her pre-teen, "Little Sister"

We have been going out to Hallelujah Horse Ranch for about three months. At a time when most young adults feel a sense of entitlement, the work-then-learn policy of the ranch has given my "Little" an opportunity to gain self esgteem while building confidence in herself. Deborah and her staff use every opportunity to teach these young people about peer pressure, honesty, integrity, work ethic, responsibility and respect, not just for other human beings, but for our animal friends also. The fun of each visit translates into a lasting sense of a job well done. Thank you!

JM for C

Big Sister and Little Sister


Teen "A...." wrote about who she is becoming


A princess cares for others in her Kingdom. She tries to help as many people as possible. She is loving and caring towards those people and is leader and she knows sho she is and who loves her. We as GOD's Princesses should always remember who we are and that we are loved and protected by GOD. We should show the Gruits of the Spirit and try to show Christ's love to others everyday. If we do these things people notice that there is something different about us and we should show others HIS never ending love toward people that don't know HIM as their Savior. I am a child of the KIng. I am a princess. I will lead like a Princess and be all GOD wants me to be.

(Precious Foster Teen)


R. Barragan

Friend of the Ranch

This is a very fun place. Deborah really understands horses. Hallelujah is a pristine place where the horses are treated like royalty. I have watched many lessons and the children and adults love this type of horsemanship. Learning to understand horses like this is so different it blows my mind.


Luba G. from Canada


I brought my kids to Hallelujah Horse Ranch because they had an interest in riding. I didn’t know what to expect because no one in our family had any experience with horses, and I was a little apprehensive, but Deborah and the ranch have become a huge part of our lives over the past year. We had been invited in like family, cared for, and developed such incredible friendships (with people and horses alike!) My kids learned so many life lessons beyond just horseback riding, like leadership, hard work and responsibility - lessons that will carry throughout their lives. Of course their riding skills are quickly developing with such a gifted teacher, but I’m even more grateful for the kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon our family by Deborah.


Gary S.

Friend of the Ranch

HALLELUJAH Horse Ranch is a page out of the west. It is a setting where both the horses and owners are treated with kindness and hospitality. The grounds is such that it allows for large paddocks. This inspires healthier and happier horses. You know what they say, happy horse, happy owner. Deborah Lindsey (Trainer) also utilizes a variety of horses to teach people about horses. Many walks of life come out to the ranch to learn about horses. Such as families, couples, children. While the training is going on an amazing thing starts to happen. The families start to bond closer together. The couples realize they are holding hands and the person they are looking at is truly an amazing person. With the kind hand of Deborah Lindsey and the big heart of a 1800 pound horse, children walk away with a better outlook of family, respect, and life. To summarize, the HALLELUJAH Horse Ranch experience is like taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out.


Andrea W.


I really didn't know what to expect. My Mom said it would be fun and I tried it. It is SO MUCH FUN! Solo is the best horse ever and he dances with me. Not like my other lessons.

Learn Even More About Horses

We are constantly gaining insight and knowledge as we pursue our equestrian journey into Classical Horsemanship. Learning more about horses and sharing it,as we grow in the knowledge of the Classical Equestrian Art, is our equine adventure and joy. Please join us. As a Boarder at Hallelujah Horse Ranch we welcome you to grow your inner horseman even more with lessons at Hallelujah Horsemanship. The classical way is that of the Horse Masters of old.