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Hallelujah Horse Ranch is a
Chemical Free facility

   Lessons and Training

Breeding of  P.R.E. Horses for perfect Equine Artistry

"Not only is the "ranch" a really good place to board my horse but  Deborah has taught me so much I didn't know about my horse. She got my rascal horse to be good. He's learning manners and we are almost ready for going on a trail ride!"

                                                                        Michelle T.            


Expert Boarding & Lessons
Classical Horsemanship, Classical Dressage, and Haute Ecole at the jewel of Prescott, AZ
Hallelujah Horse Ranch

        Hallelujah Horse Ranch is a full-service, faith-based equestrian facility providing equine therapy and horsemanship lessons.  Nice place to board with easy access. Easy going folks, outstanding care, quiet atmosphere. Training, Breeding and Caring for horses for 30 years, our ranch is one of the oldest, full-service, boarding and working horse ranches in Prescott, Arizona. We're not only passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about people and those that love horses. 

         Limited training slots available with Deborah Lindsay, E.A.aD. Master horsemanship training at our Prescott, AZ ranch, is emphasized with a Classical Horsemanship focus

         Our other services include  fun Horsemanship Lessons and  Free Equine Therapy for Foster & CASA children and their families. We have a low cost service for our precious War Vetarans who are experienceing PTSD.  Horses are so theraputic for us all but it seems the horses are very happy to be helping those with PTSD! Thank you GOD!

        For our precious Boarders, our ranch and staff are here to ensure that you have a wonderful experience with your amazing horse.  The horses here are well cared for and extremely happy.  Further, we know how precious little time you have to be out here. We want to help you get the most out of your precious horse time!  

          It is our great delight to help you celebrate important Birthdays and Anniversaries.  The Royal Horses of Spain, the Pura Raza Espanola (The Pure Race) with bloodlines dating back to the 1500's are ready to make your event a stellar memory!   

Experience Hallelujah Horse Ranch - Oh! for joy! Where one learns to "speak horse".


Lot's of room to run!

Birthday Parties, our Specialty!

 Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Group Lessons

$45 each

 Free lessons for Foster and Casa Children

Birthday Parties at the ranch

Wonderful group sessions for Children ages 5 to 17

$45 per student in a group of 5

          When you gather another Four (4) children, we will help your child enter this wonderful and deeply moving world of horses like few on the planet will ever experience as they make memories to last a lifetime!

Hallelujah Horse Ranch
offers fun Horsemanship Lessons:
** $45 - per person for GROUP LESSONS, Minimum of Five (5) attendees - 1 Hr.
    Individual Sessions -1 Hr.  - $125   
    Family Session (up to 4 family members) -1 Hr.   (Ages 5 to 105) - $225   
                      Balance Training for Equine professionals, all Disciplines -2 Hrs. - $275
Three hour Super Memory Maker for our Single Visit and International
 If you are in Prescott for only a short time, we highly recommend this world class memory maker. 
Happily accommodating large groups in our Indoor Arena.
Call for pricing.