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Healing with Equine Therapy

in Prescott, AZ

To really understand a hurting heart, one must be willing to acknowledge one's own, in similitude, to draw from not just the pain, but the joy of overcoming. To help another through the journey to recovery, one must likewise be willing to walk with that person through those scary dark valleys and dwell with them on mountains of joy and triumph. 

Since 2007, hurting hearts have been connecting with the enormous, forgiving heart of a horse at Hallelujah Horse Ranch. At the ranch, we use some of the most intuitive horses in the world to reach those who come down our lane for help and healing with equine therapy in Prescott, AZ.

Our facilitator is Deborah Lindsay, E.A.aD. As the  Equine Advocate Facilitator for Hallelujah Horse Ranch, she has seen tremendous success with this program. Some schools travel for over an hour each week to go through our Equine Therapy program  it is of such great beneifit  to their students.

Healing with Equine Therapy in Prescott, AZ
Summer Horsemanship Camp in Prescott, AZ

Why are Horses so important to the healing of a Hurting Heart?

     Horses are the most intuitive animals on the planet. They never lie. Horses have the divine ability to exquisitly reveal truth to a person. Even to one who could not otherwise receive that truth from any person on the planet, the horse can always get that through.

     Equine therapy is an exquisitley effective and  healing modality for those with addictions because the horse wants nothing from the addicted person but for that person to succeed.  Powerful lasting therapy!  We accept only One girl (age 18 and over) and she is our primary focus for each session.

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