Equine Artistry
we breed
"Horse of Kings,"
Royal Horse of Spain,
the Pura Raza Espanola


 Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Group Lessons
of  5 @
$75 each

 Free lessons for Foster and CASA Children

Birthday Parties here make lifelong memories!

    1st Place Andalusian World Cup

Hallelujah Horse Ranch representing  Arizona, USA at the Andalusian World Cup

       Such a wonderful way to make meaningful memories with your Grandchildren, Families, and guests.                              (949) 933-5689

We create spectaculor ANNIVERSARY celebrations too!

     Classical Training of the Pure Spanish Horse.

 Hallelujah Horse Ranch


 Out with the Andalusians


(949) 933-5689
No riding, lots to eat, pure fun!

For groups of 5 or more $150 each

 Hallelujah Horse Ranch

              HORSES  EXPERTLY  BOARDED - Students expertly taught
Horses at Hallelujah Horse Ranch live in giant paddocks with lots of room to play with like minded horses.
The natural way that horses love to live.  They run and play with each other so they can stay fit.
Each paddock features a large shelter!
Horses are fed twice a day on short days and three times a day on long days.
Pretty much Horse Heaven!

             So much to do at            the ranch!



with the Andalusians


(949) 933-5689
Private or Group

Hallelujah Horse Ranch features:                         
  INDOOR RIDING ARENA - the only one at a boarding facility in Prescott, AZ
       ROUND PEN - 92 foot, just the right size so tendons are not stressed
              DOUBLE CAVALETTI Course - an excellent exercize for horse's backs and bellies
                     WORKING EQUITATION Course - the rage of Europe and so much fun!
                               MILES of TRAILS on the 200 acre property and beyond
                                         SEMINARS - to improve your riding and horse experience
                                                  LESSONS - for beginners and Champions - Classical Horsemanship, Classical Dressage,
                                                                             "At Liberty," Western, Vaulting, Ground Work and exquisite Connection



a day or a week

"An exceptional adventure!"

(949) 933-5689
Private or Group

Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Grandkids + Grandparents + the Horse of Kings =
Great horse memories to last a lifetime as they learn about
and play with! 
No riding required but children are given a ride at session end.
Two or Three hour Super Memory Maker for our Single Visit and International
 If you are in Prescott for only a short time, we highly recommend this world class memory maker featuring  your personal time playing with the Royal Horse of Spain,
"The Horse of Kings!"
 Accommodating large groups in our Indoor Arena.
Call for pricing.
                     (949) 933-5689

                Horsemanship Lessons ages 5 to 105

Specializing in the Boarding
of Young  and Retired horses
Breeding of the Royal Horses of Spain


                              LESSONS  for  Beginners ages 5 to 105        (949) 933-5689 
                                             (949) 933-5689                                  $145/ 60 min. 

              Tangled up inside?      Troubled with trust issues?       Fear driving you?      Horses drive fear away.

            Lessons with our horses change fear into joy and you come away loving horses, riding like a superstar and smiling! (Thank you GOD for making horses, HE knows our heart !)  Our Students learn everything a person needs to know to succeed through the lens of a horse; Self Control, Empathy, Perserverence, Integrity, Optimism, Self Confidence and Curiosity and how to be a great Leader.

          INTERMEDIATE  Students     $145/ 60 min.     (949) 933-5689

         Every discipline benefits greatly from Classical Horsemanship. This is the discipline of the Master Riders of the past. They connected to the heart of the horse becoming the horse's mind as the horse offers his legs as the rider's. From Pole Bending to Jumping, Working Equitation to Eventing, Classical Horsemanship gives you the edge that takes you to the top of any Discipline.

                                    ADVANCED   Students        $200/ 60 min.        (949) 933-5689

                   Oh, for the joy at what lies before you!        "But what if I fall?          But oh my darling, what if you fly ?"

       This is your opportunity to become a Master Horseman. Few in the world know ever get to experience it.  It takes time, putting  aside fear and falling in love with your partner and yourself. You will love the results!   As you learn to advocate for the horse while experiencing the most amazing connection ever it will change your world!

                       Includes Haute Ecole (High School), Aires above the ground, Liberty and Advanced Balance Training