Children's Horsemanship

              At Hallelujah Horse Ranch you will learn a very different kind of         horsemanship.  

           Classical Horsemanship is a rare and mostly forgotten form of connecting with a horse. 

            Classical Horsemanship results in a rider who now has the feet and mind of the horse and the horse has the heart and soul of the rider.

            Classical Horsemanship is best defined by Jean Phillipe Giacomini, student of the Master Nuno Oliviera, by these words:

             "Dressage can be done by a rider in Topper and Tails on a Warmblood, a Cowboy on a Quarter-Horse or a Bedouin on an Arabian, but it cannot be *lived* truly without study, without effort, without principals and without compassion.  If the horse doesn't display self carriage, freedom of movement (within his genetic ability) and visible enjoyment when performing dressage movements, then the Art is surely only happening in the deluded mind of the rider."

       The word "DRESSAGE"  is a French word that simply means "TRAINING."     

          Imagine being able to bring all your troubles to an 1800 lb creature that  wants desperately to help you be at peace...

          Imagine being able to  teach  someone your language and them understanding it  and that someone is a horse...

          Imagine being able to explain  what you would like the horse to do and him being so excited to do it that he gives you        more than you asked for...

          Imagine thinking what you would like the  horse to do and he does it...from 100 feet away or on his back.

                                                        That is Classical Horsemanship and that is what you can learn at Hallelujah Horse Ranch.

                                                                                     Private Session:  $125             Group of 5:  $45 each participant

Classical Horsemanship