Floridita V, our lovely white (grey) PRE has been taken to heaven. She was Twenty-one years old. (PRE Horses can live into their Forties). We lost her to unknown causes after being Vet checked to see if we could breed her this season, brought her home and by 9 pm she was gone.  Only GOD knows why she left us so soon. Sometimes we just have to let go and trust that HE knows best.

One memory of her sweet self was:

prior to her being given to us,  a groom from Poland prepared Floridita ready to exercize.  She put on the saddle and bridle and climbed  onto Floridita's back.  Our girl, Floridita swung her white head around and looked up at the person on her back as if to say "What are you doing up there?" ... Because Floridita had never been ridden before.  

Floridita was a lovely grey horse whose greying gene turns them pure white by age 6. Along with this beauty is always the inevitable Melanoma that accompanys this gene.  

Thank you GOD for allowing Floridita to be with us and bless so many children. She leaves behind her daughter, Alegria.

News from the Ranch

Our Free Monthly Horse Seminars have been attended by wonderful horse lovers. One of which just adopted an orphan foal from the Yavapai Equine Rescue!  

Horray for this wonderful lady and her new baby equine partner!  Always here for you!

We are happy to host the next Seminar on July 7, 2021 it is entitled:


RSVP Please because we only take 15 spectators per Seminar.  Thank you!


We are so thankful to GOD for the Magnificent Monsoons. We have been praying, along with you, that we would get water for the parched land where we live here in Arizona and Hallelujah the Good LORD has heard our prayers!

Without the water we cannot live in this beautiful place so Yippieeee!

News Flash ~

King Felipe VI of Spain has granted ANCCE the designation of "Royal" in their title...this means all Pura Raza Espanola horses that meet the extremely strict guidelines of the ANCCE Registry, dating back to the 1500's in Spain, are considered "Royal" horses.   What an honor!


Precious Benefactor of the P.R.E for all the work that you have done to make the  ANCCE REGISTRATION a possibility for our beloved horses!