ANCCE, the Registration Contingency from Spain will be at the ranch mid April 2021 to Inscribe and Revise some of our Pura Raza Espanola horses. Yippiee!

We are honored and very excited to welcome ANCCE to Hallelujah Horse Ranch!

News from the Ranch

Our Free Monthly Horse Seminars have been attended by wonderful horse lovers. We are happy to host the next one in on April 3, 2021 it is entitled:


RSVP because we only take 15 spectators per Seminar.


WELCOME  WELCOME  WELCOME to our tiniest Boarder....

We are absolutely blessed to have a new arrival to the ranch from Michigan. A beautiful filly named  "Royal Secret."  She is the main squeeze of Kaitlan, who although only 7 years old, is learning very quickly to make this 10 month old filly feel right at home.

I beleive Kaitlan's family has hit upon a very powerful truth...if you start them young they will grow up together and become inseparable.

Confidentially, when I was a teen, my own Mother threatened to take my horse away if I did not go to the Prom. I went but would have perfered spending more time with my horse.   Very wonderful way to spend your teenage years.   Way to go Kaitlan's family!   Hugs from Deborah