Please look carefully at this photo. Do you really understand what is happening in this picture?

Answer:   A Student of the Equine Advocacy Academy would instantly understand that the foal is learning to follow the leader and the Aunts are instructing the foal to listen to the leader even when pushed.  Only  a person with master horsemanship skills who received thier training at the Equine Advocacy Academy would know this. Would you like to become an Equine Advocate?

Stand in the gap for the horse so people can understand what they are saying. Changes everything for a horse and owner.  Be that help so the horse does not become lost.

?    ARE YOU ABLE TO ACCEPT THAT THERE MAY  BE MORE TO  KNOW ABOUT HORSES ?                                                                                          

        Horses are always talking to people. In fact they are so noisey that sometimes you have to look them in the eye and say "I got it!" Studying the herd for years and being gifted with that gene that makes a persistant horseman even more adamant than so many, they say that the Master Teacher at Hallelujah Horse Ranch and Horse Whisperer University  in Prescott, Arizona, has gone beyond "Horse Whisperer" to "Master." If you would like to learn amazing new truths about horses, change your riding to true connection, this is your time. This is the place. Deborah Lindsay Horsemanship at Hallelujah Horse Ranch.

Why would these two goofy horses choose to eat out of one bucket when they are on eight acres and have many buckets of feed to choose from?       a.  these horses are starving and have to eat together

                     b.  they are stablemates on equal levels

                     c.  they are Mother and Daughter

Answer:   -b-  these two horses have chosen to be equal for feed time  Feed time being the key.
not -a- because there are no ribs or signs of starvation
not -c- because the Chestnut is a gelding

     Understanding what a horse is saying to you makes all the difference when it comes to training. Our techniques are different from anything you will see on the market today. Our philosophy is if it happens once, it just happened. If it happens twice it is a coincidence. But if it keeps happening, every single is the truth!  And, the truth changes everything!

Open your mind but don't let your brains fall out!

Horses have so much to share with you.
Will you hear?

Knowing the truth changes everything

Can you answer the questions in white on this page?


" I bow to the rider who, indifferent to his surroundings, works the horse to his own satisfaction, and having tried to attain his ideal, terminates the lesson, dismounting from his horse content and yet, at the same time, dissatisfied.  Content because the work went well, dissatisfied because he feels his acheivement to be far from the ideal."    This same man also said this:  "Riders who give their horses freedom are those who will taste the delicacies of equestrian art."   Nuno Oliveira, Renowned Master Horseman of the 21st Century

" Things are much easier for a rider with considerable confidence whom the horse can trust. Being successful and enjoying the training process results in a happy, confident young horse."    Dr. Reiner Klimke

also Dr. Reiner Klemke wrote this note to his daughter, Ingrid Klimke:
"We want to understand the nature of the horse, respect his personality and not suppress it throughout his training. Then we are on the right way."     Dr. Reiner Klimke, German Olympic Participant in two Disciplines
Master Horseman, Xenophon, born 354 B.C. said "Nothing forced can be beautiful!"

" When one first starts at the school he rides without stirrups for Three Years before  being allowed to  use them while riding."   Helmuth Oberhauser,  Rider at the Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria