Horses Are More than a Hobby, they are

a gift from GOD for our heart ... and we love them so !


       Since opening Hallelujah Horse Ranch, it's been our privilage to provide a peaceful, secure and welcoming environment for horses and their owners. This giant horse ranch is for people who may be experts or just wanting to learn more about caring for their horse properly.  We are all here for each other.

       We make sure the care and attention we provide is of the utmost quality because the Maker of the Horse is also watching. Thank You GOD for making Horses! We love them so and we know YOU do too!

       You want the best for your horse so we believe in having them play together in a like minded herd causing them to exercise and be ready to work when you come for them. We have found the natural herd is very good for horses and helps you as well. Most disciplines are welcome  here.  Sorry, not accepting Stallions or Proud Cut Geldings at this time.

Master Horsemanship Training in Prescott, AZ

Relating To a Horse

The cornerstone of our equestrian center is Faith in GOD.  HE is constantly showing us beautiful results when we communicate with and receive from a horse. It's taken a long time for us to become experts in communicating with horses, but it also is what allows us to help others build amazing relationships with their horses. We offer training on how to speak the language of "Horse". Because this knowledge changes everything for our horses and us!  Large well kept Paddocks with shelters and feeding twice daily starts at $350/Mo. 


(949) 933-5689

  Indoor Riding Arena 

Master Horsemanship Training in Prescott, AZ
Interactive Show with Horses in Prescott, AZ

Expert Horse Boarding  in Prescott, AZ

(949) 933-5689

Newly Remodeled Hallelujah Horse Ranch Offers You:
  •   Indoor Riding Arena
  •   92 ft. Round Pen
  •   Miles of groomed trails - ride to Lakes
  •   Dressage Court
  •   Free Trailer Parking 
  •   Exceptional On-Site Care
  •   Enormous Paddocks with Shelters
  •  Herd  living Encouraged but individual stalls are available
  • Champion Trainer keeps her horses here.
  •  Environment that creates happy, healthy horses
  •  Working Equitation Course - The rage of Europe!
  • 21 Day Quarantine for all incoming horses to protect our healthy equine boarders 
  • In emergencies, a Surgical Vet Hospital is only 5 minutes away.
At Hallelujah Horse Ranch in Prescott, AZ, we have a champion trainer on-site. We provide lessons for beginners thru Haute Ecole. We also offer "At Liberty" training, which is so fun for older equestrians as well as older horses! Contact us for more boarding information.
Monthly Basic Board is $475 per horse
  • Includes hay of your choice (Grass or Alfalfa), feeding 2-3 X per day
  • Fresh Water and water levels monitored to ensure horse is drinking enough
  • Paddocks/Stalls cleaned daily
  • Constant monitoring of your horse for discomfort or disease.

Additional Care Fees: negotiable
Dispensing your Supplements =$35/mo
Blanketing during cold = $50/mo
 Presenting at STUD:   for the foal of your dreams:
2016 Hi Point Horse - P.R.E. Mudial Dressage DSHB
Black - Revised P.R.E. Stallion "Aleluya por su Majestad."
Approved P.R.E. Mares - $2,500 + collection and AI fee
Approved Friesian Mares - $2,500 + collection and AI fee
All other Mares - $1,200 + collection and AI fee
This classic  P.R.E. Stallion has unbroken bloodlines from
the 1500's  and will strengthen every breed.
P.R.E. bred to a P.R.E = the "Horse of Kings" the P.R.E.
P.R.E bred to a Friesian = Warlander
P.R.E. bred to a Quarter Horse = Azteca
All foals sired by
Aleluya por su Majestad  can be qualified to compete in Las Vegas, NV, at the largest Iberian Breed show in the Western Hemisphere,
the  "Andalusian World Cup."