"Whats the big deal?"

"Leave me alone! It's my life!"

"Games help me relax!"

"Why don't you just let me do what I want?"                                                        Break your heart Dad?

"You are so paranoid! I'm fine!"

"I don't care how many hours I spend doing this and you should'nt either!"

Sound Familiar Mom?

  Video games and computer stuff is fun!  For sure, Yes, it is fun!  My Daddy used to say, "Everything in moderation!"

When "moderation" is no where in the room and you suddenly realize what you really do have :

  • No people of consequence in your life and those that are real are usually angry or yelling at you.
  • No free time,  you  don't actually even know what time it is, nor do you care!
  • A Failing future. Who gives a rip?  Yet, tomorrow keeps coming ...
  • An extremely tired body. Your screen, gaming, PC or handheld device require increased waking hours and your body is paying the price.
  • You can't tolerate being away from the digital world and would do anything to get that screen in front of your eyes. You are losing some priceless, never to return, moments of beauty along with the ability to grow which being in the moment provides daily.
  • If anything you read here pushed a button in your mind or heart please consider coming out to the ranch and getting help with this repetitive disorder that your brain has become addicted to.  We believe our Equine based program can help your brain  "re-fresh" and give you back the  precious real y-o-u ! You are smart and awesome and equipped with so much to give to the world. Lets get the real you back because you are very valuable.  GOD don't make no junk!  Can't wait to meet you and introduce you to some other exceptional creations of GOD with four legs.  

We take only one individual per Thirty (30) day session.  This is an intense and rare opportunity to live on a working horse ranch while getting one's self re-started. 

Tuition:  call for details   (949) 933-5689  OR