"Horses  Are  More  than  a  Hobby.

They give us Grace and help teach us

what true peace feels like."    D. Lindsay, E.A.aD.


Hallelujah Horse Ranch provides a full range of riding and equestrian services. Whether you are a novice rider or have ridden horses your whole life, you'll find there is always something new to learn and do as a horse owner and rider.

Indoor arena, Miles of Trails, 92 ft round pen, Medical Facilities, Breeding 

Instruction by Deborah Lindsay, E.A.aD., Grand National and Pacific Coast Champion,
Breeder and Trainer of the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE)


There is plenty of pasture, shelters and space for riding and roaming. Whether you need to bring your horse here for a few days or a good while longer, you'll be happy to know your horse will get plenty of attention and exceptional experienced care.

From first time, first horse to Olympic Contenders, lessons are a great investment in your horse future.  Master your balance and confidence as a rider. Become a Master Horseman and earn your Equine Advocate credentials exclusively from Hallelujah Horse Ranch's own E.A.aD.,  Lead Instructor Deborah Lindsay.

FOSTER and CASA Children

     Foster Children and CASA Children have an opportunity to join us on the journey to know horses. We welcome them to come to Hallelujah Horse Ranch to experience the joy of horsemanship and truly connecting with such an intuitive animal that wants nothing but the best for that child.

     Please call Deborah to find out more details of this free Horsemanship experience for your Foster or CASA Child. 

(949) 933-5689.

     From the first time, the first horse, to Olympic Contenders, these free lessons are a great investment in a child's future.

     Hallelujah Horse Ranch's own Lead Instructor Deborah Lindsay, E.A. aD.,  who has forty-three years of experience working with hurting children and the powerful ways horses break through into a child's darkness and lead  that child out into the light of joy, will be working with the child and a horse.  Powerful and beautiful to see what happens to a sad  heart after this experience!


Help us add another heart to the very long list of those hurting young ones helped by the enormous generosity and grace of a horse.

Serving the Foster and Casa Community at no cost
since 2007