Equine Advocacy
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The greatest horse experience of your life is to acheive Equine Advocacy!


Deciding to become an Equine Advocate is the most defining step a horse lover can take. You will be viewed as someone others can go to when they are stuck, confused or worried about their horse. Beginning Equine Advocacy is a Christ-centered intensive Six (6) week, hands-on start to an amazing journey into the mind of the horse. This beautiful journey will take your breath away and give you skills that will rock the Horse World.

With the tools and truths, you will learn in this program becoming a Beginning Equine Advocate will open doors that allow you to truly help horses. To find out more or begin your application process call   (949) 933-5689.  Class size limit - 3.



The language of the horse is intricate and perfect.  After successfully completing E.A.I, those who take the journey onward to complete the Intermediate Equine Advocacy Certification enter the horse's world to a degree unknown to most on the planet. Taking what you learn in this session will prove again and again to be the truth of what a horse is saying in the wild or in the arena. Intermediate Equine Advocacy will catapult your connection with a horse to a level few will know. To find out more or begin your application process please call (949) 933-5689.  Class size limit - 3


Equine Advocacy Academy


  What do buttertfly ears mean on                     this blind horse ?

      After Sessions One and Two have been mastered, journey beyond the understanding of what a horse is thinking on the ground to the realm of exquisite communication on his back.  Learn how to take the knowledge that the ground work has revealed and put it to maximum use in the intricate discussion between the rider and the horse. Examine each move through the eyes of the horse. This Christ centered Six Week Session will open the student's eyes to what can truly be accomplished when connected partnering, along with knowledge, takes place between rider and his horse. Not to be missed. Class size limit -3


h Herr Oberhauser, Lead Rider/Trainer from a Famous European Riding School,  advising Deborah on some new
paces for "Majestad" the P.R.E. Stallion.

"I belive that there are two categories of ecuyers, those who, while skilled, use the horse as a tool, and those who love him and allow him to express the brilliance of which he is capable.  The former are not less expert than the latter.  During dressage tests they may even triumph although never taking the risk of making a mistake when the opportunity to yeild with the hand occurs and lightness presents itself. The latter always risk being damned poets of this art. They are misunderstood by the masses of riders who cannot distinguish between the means used by the former or those of the latter. Only the latter enjoy the true pleasure of feeling how a creature cooperated without constraint, as a friend."    July 1961  Nuno Oliveira