Pure Spanish Horses Are More than a Hobby,

They are a Passion!

                                         This horse improves any breeding program!

Champion P.R.E. Stallion
with exceptional brain, presence and
strength of bone
Brave Foals

blood lines


horses live to please

Hallelujah Horses present at Stud:          The Magnificent  Genetic Treasure
              "Aleluya por su Majestad"   Revised Black Stallion                                                       
 This exceptional Stallion is the son of  the famous Qualified,*  black Pura Raza Espanola, Horse* "Triunfador XXI," known as "The Black Treasure of Spain."

High Point P.R.E. Mundial Sport Horse DSHB 2016 - FPSH

                      P.R.E. Mares     $2,000  + Collection and AI costs   

live foal - Two Slips 

      Non- P.R.E. Mares     $1,500   + Collection and AI costs

live foal - Two Slips 

Note:  All contractural specifications must be met to guarantee a live foal. 

Key to words & abbreviations to help you understand the P.R.E breed better ;

ANCCE  Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Espanola - Original Spanish Registry

FPSH  Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse - Retired American Counterpart to Spanish Registry

IALHA : International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association - American Variety

USPRE :  American contingency of ANCCE




"INSCRIBED"  P.R.E. HORSE:  before age One (1) the P.R.E. foal is examined by a Certified ANCCE Veterinarian who has completed a course in this breed of horse. The Vet pulls samples for DNA testing in Spain. Every facet of this little foal's coat and markings are noted for future reference. The little P.R.E. gets his micro chip and usually the foal is freeze branded at this time as well. (Freeze branding is not painful like hot branding.)

P.R.E. :  Pura Raza Espanola means "The Pure Race" in Spanish.  The P.R.E. were for many years called Andalusians because this horse originated in Andalucia, Spain.  The purity and brilliance of the P.R.E. is world renowned and coveted. The Spanish Miliary is credited for keeping the breeding records intact since the 1500's. Currently it is the work of ANCCE to keep these records intact. This is the oldest and most significant breed of horse in the world as it has spawned countless breeds and betters most. The P.R.E.'s purity and faithfulness to genetic honesty is unmatched. The original Mustang was simply a P.R.E. Horse, brought to the new world by the Conquistadors, that got loose. Darn, no tie racks! 

      The glorious P.R.E. is world renowned as the Horse of Kings and, in these days, also, Movie Stars such as William Shatner, Madonna, Suzanne Summers to name a few. The reasons the P.R.E. is such a magnificent animal is his unmatched beauty and athleticism. Bountifully flowing manes and tails, joyful exaggerated movement and offering the comfort of a couch while riding bareback. But wait...the most amazing facet of this divine horse is his enormous giving heart for those he loves.  He will honestly die trying to please you.  I was working on the ground teaching Shoulder In to the Stallion Majestad. When I was done and let him go free I glanced over to find him on the wall of the indoor arena practicing the Shoulder-In on his own.  Believe me, once you have experienced the perfection that is the P.R.E. everything about your horse experience will change.  This horse is simply the best on the planet.  Please do yourself a tremendous favor and look into the Pure Spanish Horse,  a  P.R.E.. 

 "QUALIFIED"  P.R.E. HORSE:   A P.R.E. that has sired or foaled at least Twelve (12)  P. R.E. Champions during his or her life can apply to be "Qualified."  Triunfador XXIV, sire of Aleluya por su Majestad, is Qualified.

 "REVISED"  P.R.E.  HORSE:   A Revised Pura Raza Espanola Horse (P.R.E.) that has been first Inscribed at age One (1) and accepted as a canidate for possible future breeding privilages.  At age Three (3) this horse has been meticulously judged, measured and critiqued by a Qualified Judge from Spain who determines if the P.R.E. in question will be acceptable as a breeding horse and deserve the title of  "Revised."  A Revised P.R.E. is given permission to carry on the tradition of the Pure Spanish Horse with breeding rights with "get" qualified for Inscription.

 "Aleluya por su Majestad" is Inscribed and Revised for Breeding

in the United States and Internationally.   His Sire, Triunfador XXIV  is "Qualified" with many more than Twelve Champion offspring.

Televised Interview introducing the fabulous Pure Spanish Stallion (P.R.E. ), "Aleluya por su Majestad" just prior to his Andalusian 2016 World Cup  Championship win in Las Vegas .

"Majestad" just gives everything!

Deep connection with his